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Puppy Pre-K!

Puppies ages 10 weeks to 6 months are welcome to participate in this program!

This is a 4 week, daytime program held at our NORTH PROVIDENCE location.

During the day your puppy will get socialization time with other puppies and learn how to appropriately play with others. A certified trainer will also work with your pup on basic commands such as sit, stay, come and lay down to give them a great foundation for future training. We also work on loose-leash walking and how to relax in a crate when it's rest time.


Program details:

  • Age appropriate vaccinations are required to participate and for continued participation. 

  • There are no substituted or make up days for missed sessions. 

  • Drop off is between 7am-9am

  • Pick up is between 4pm-6pm

  • You will receive weekly report cards that details your pups progress, and some key points of what to work on at home as well!



3 Days per Week $499

Our 3 day a week package runs Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursdays. 

This package includes 12 days of daycare, daily training with a certified trainer, and you will receive 15% off any future 6 week Puppy Obedience Training Class (*subject to class availability). This program requires you to commit to 4 consecutive weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. 


*New Puppy Pre-K class beginning March 4, 2024!


To sign up for this program, either login or create an account here:

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Puppy Basic Obedience

6 Session Training Series - $225

This class is limited to puppies 6 months and under.

This is a group class that teaches your young pup what is expected of him or her. Puppies will be taught basic obedience while we play fun training games to help socialize your puppy and teach them proper manners. During this class we cover leash control, sit, down, stay, release, recall and some basic puppy problem solving techniques!

Young Adult Obedience

6 Session Training Series - $295

This class is limited to dogs over 6 months and under 1.5 years.

This training teaches your dog basic commands and what is expected of him or her. We cover basic manners during this class and we also help identify and correct unwanted behaviors during this 6 week session for older puppies!

Proper Greetings

3 Session Training Series - $125

This class focuses on giving you and your dog the skills needed for proper greetings. This course will help if your dog gets overly excited and exhibits behaviors like jumping on guests when they enter your home or if package delivery time at your house is stressful!

Loose Leash Walking
3 Session Training Course - $225 

This class that teaches your pup what is expected of him or her while they are on a leash. It's important for the safety of both dogs and humans to know how to properly handle pets while taking them places such as daycare, the veterinarian's office, or when you are taking a stroll in your neighborhood! This course focuses on how to properly handle your dog on a leash to make walks and numerous situations more enjoyable for all!

To enroll, either login or create an account here:

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Contact us today to find out when the next training session is scheduled!

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